Saturday, October 20, 2007

Thoughts On Blogging...

I will preface my first post with my intentions and criteria for starting to blog in the first place. I actually do not read many blogs, but for those that I do I have the utmost respect. Posting useful information is one thing; creating intriguing content on a regular basis is quite another. I intend to start with the prior and work my way up to the latter, but I am always open to feedback and suggestions from users.

I wrote down some framework for this blog, but another very educated blogger wrote words more eloquently than I, so here are several thoughts I wholeheartedly agree with (with a few edits):

"I like to read blog articles that are short, sweet, and to the point.
If I wanted to read a manifesto on a subject, I would buy the book, and curl up
under a quilt in bed, not sit at a computer desk. I'm not reading for study, but
rather for entertainment here. Frequently interruptions occur while sitting at
my desk, so the attention span I can give is by it's very nature......short.

I'm attracted by visual imagery. I like pictures, but I want to
read a bit too. I want the content to be of substance, not simply narcissistic
ramblings. I want pages to load fast, not be filled with a bunch of personal ads
and other nonsense. I like to know what I'm going to get when I go to a blog. I
like the blog to have a theme, and pretty much stick to it. If it doesn't,
labels or other categorizing links are much appreciated. I've been told that a
blog is a public journal. I suppose that is true.

Therefore, I consider Manufacturing Excellence's content to be mainly Plant Tours, Operations Information, some general business news/information, and perhaps 10% other curious stuff that intrigues me. Because of my personal interests and background there will likely be a slant towards Cars (Automotive), High Tech (Computers & Semiconductors), and Military (Firearms & Weapons Systems), but frankly I find consumer products and just about everything else interesting as well!

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